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Mattresses In Boxes

The new Bed In A Box concept, also described as mattresses in boxes, is bucking the trend in the mattress industry.  This new mattress craze is exploding at an exponential rate with dozens of upstart companies upending the $15 billion dollar mattress industry. The concept is simple. Order online and have your mattress shipped to your home in a box. More and more mattress companies (new online retailer start ups as well as the traditional ones) are coming out with their own bed in a box brand. We have teamed up with many of the top bed in a box brands to become the first and only bed in a box online affiliate network. With so many new bed-in-a-box brands on the market we have consolidated most all of them on one shopping site. We are your go to Bed In a Box site!  We have started the first bed in a box online network to help make your mattress in boxes online shopping experience easier. We provide a variety of the most popular bed in a box brands options to choose from.


What is Bed In A Box

Bed-in-a-box is a mattress that comes compressed, rolled, and shipped straight to your door in a box that’s easy to handle into your house or apartment. It is a convenient solution to the overhwelming mattress shopping experience. 

Most bed-in-a-box models are one-sided (no-flip) . They are compressed and vacuum-sealed into a box the fraction of the size of a traditional mattress. This new bed concept gets its name because they are compressed and vacuum-sealed into a box. 

This new idea is helps make mattresses easier to ship and convenient to set up. It is a traditional memory foam mattress that has been folded and compressed down into a smaller shape then vacuum sealed. Recently pocketed coil models have been added but the idea remains the same. Once the mattress is compressed it's packed into a box and shipped. 

The customer then opens up the box, cuts the plastic around their mattress off, and then it starts to inflate once it is laid out flat. And there you have it, an instant bed.

Most all Bed In A Box companies make there mattresses in the USA.

Why Bed In A Box

1: Affordability: Materials tend to consist of lower-density memory foam or latex hybrids. Designed specifically for shipping, they take up a fraction of the size of a traditional mattress. The smaller size saves on shipping costs (going courier rather than freight), takes up less inventory space, and reduces the carbon cost of getting a new bed to you. The online business model lowers costs, cutting out middleman retailers and the expensive overhead of paying for a physical store. Direct to the consumer business models are able to operate and sell their products at much lower prices.

2: Convenience: Both the delivery and set up are a easy as pie. Customer receives a mid sized box via parcel delivery. Once they open up the box, the mattress is simply laid down and expands (decompresses). Customers also have the convenience of shopping from home online instead of shlepping to the mattress store and dealing with over aggressive sales people.

3: Return Policy: Most all of the bed-in-a-box retailers offer at least a 100 day customer sleep trial period. Meaning you can return the product even sleeping on it for 100 days or more for no charge.

4: No Hassle: When shopping for a bed in a box mattress customers do not have to travel to storea, deal with pushy sales people or worry about the rude delivery service that also may damage your home in the process.

Bed In A Box Market Booming:

Bed-in-a-Box startups are taking the mattress industry by storm and upending the $15 billion dollar mattress market. Tens of millions of dollars have been invested in new bed in a box mattress brands. Many mattress customers are now looking to buy bed in a box mattresses while searching for the best bed in a box sale that fits their need.

Mattresses were long considered immune to the e-commerce boom. For many years, they have been sold in showrooms full of many different styles with pushy salespeople and an overhwelming selection to chose from. But now a new concept of online upstarts is disrupting the $14 billion U.S. traditional mattress industry. The online sellers offer just a few varieties at fixed prices—and ship free to customers’ doors a foam mattress that is compressed into a box the size of a large suitcase. SInce 2015, there have been dozens of online start up companies that have received a wealth of funding which are now shaking up the traditional mattress industry. And for good reason. 

Many perks come with the bed-in-a-box mattress including cheaper prices, more convenience, better return policies and all while providing a solid product.

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